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El Dorado Cleaners - the 1st GreenEarth™ Cleaner in San Diego South County - is proud to bring you all of the benefits offered by the revolutionary new GreenEarth™ Cleaning System. Click on the logo to visit GreenEarth.
  • GreenEarth Cleaning WebsiteNo odor - not even in shoulder pads
  • Difficult garments, buttons and trim handled with ease
  • Gentle with all fabrics, including delicates
  • Your clothes will have a soft, clean feel
  • Lint-free and static free
  • Safe for our employees, safe for our customers

What is GreenEarth™?
GreenEarth™ is the brand name for a dry cleaning process using liquid silicone decamethylpentacyclosiloxane (D5) as the solvent. Liquid silicone is an odorless, colorless liquid that is an excellent carrier for detergents and additives and is environment friendly. GreenEarth™ is an exclusive, patented dry cleaning process - there are no "generic" forms of GreenEarth™.

Why is it better for the earth?
GreenEarth™ liquid silicone is a safe, natural byproduct of sand. Liquid silicone degrades into sand (SiO2) and trace amounts of water and carbon dioxide if spilled or released to the environment. It is not classified as a volatile organic compound (VOC) by the U.S. EPA, does not contribute to smog formation and is recognized as safe for air, soil and water.

Why is it better for clothes?
GreenEarth™ solution is different from dry cleaning solvents in that it is chemically inert, meaning it does not interact with textiles or dyes during the cleaning process. The magic of the GreenEarth™ Cleaning process is how silicone emulsifies with silicone optimized detergents, creating a highly effective cleaning action that does not rely on aggression. This helps preserve the quality of garments, eliminate problems with color loss, maintain a soft "hand" and prevent shrinkage.