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As a professional drycleaner, El Dorado Cleaners are a full-service clothing care specialist. Alterations are one of the many services that we offer in addition to drycleaning your clothes. We understand that tailored garments are about personal pride in appearance and desired comfort. Whether it's adjusting a hem length, zipper replacement, tapering or other modifications, our alteration service can provide a better fit and perfect your style.

eldorado_cleaners_alterationsSkirts, Mens and Womens Pants
Our alteration specialists can lengthen or shorten the hem of your pants or skirt to your preferred length and for a better match with your shoes/heels. We can also re-style your skirt or pants to make them more fashionable or just more comfortable by adjusting the size, replacing zippers or pockets.

Shirts and Blouses
A shirt looks best when tailored to your shape and 'off-the-rack' shirts never really fit well. We can resize or re-style shirts to fit and make them look as though they were fashioned just for you. We can shorten the sleeves or hem and even taper them to provide a better fit.

We not only repair loose buttons or sew on new ones if necessary, we can do many types of repairs, which when complete you will not be able to tell where the repair was made. At El Dorado Cleaners, our alterations and repairs will ensure that you look and feel your best.