Special Trims

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Garments that have embellishments or trims of different materials sometimes require special care. Garments with sequins, beads, embroidery, appliques, and other details can be damaged by traditional dry cleaning, but GreenEarth is gentle enough for even these delicate items.

  • Check the garment care label-if the laundering instructions say "exclusive of trim," this may mean that the trim will not hold up under regular washing, even if the rest of the material will. Take it to your GreenEarth cleaner to make sure the entire garment comes out clean and refreshed.
  • Examine the trim to determine if it is glued or sewn on. If it is sewn, is should be safe in the wash. But if there are no stitches, the glue holding it on may dissolve after repeated washings. Take it to a dry cleaner using GreenEarth to protect it.
  • Some sequins and beads may be hand-painted, and will lose their color over time regardless of how they are washed.
  • Plastic gems may become cloudy over time, as the foil backing that gives them sparkle can deteriorate.